Wednesday, September 2, 2015

blood story

One day we start  to leave school to go to camp Riverbed and we were so ready to go I was getting ready to go to camp. I was so excited there was a pool it was deep then it came to night time when I was making dinner. When I was going to put the plates into the kitchen I fell onto  a big pess of metal. My leg was pouring with blood I didn't want to look at  it.  I got up and went to my perint and I leaned on the wall and my friend Jack Greville looked at my kneecap and he saw so much blood on my kneecap. He went to tell Oscar Jackson’s dad. I couldn’t feel my knee I went to go sit on the chair my whole knee was covered in blood I went to my cabin my knee was in pain so was I went back and then I fell over a rock and landed on my face I got a bleeding nose. I went back to my chair and Roise’s mum came to help me.  She put on a little bandage on my knee and it felt a little better.  I managed to stay the rest of the time at camp. I now have a cool scar on my knee.                                


  1. Its not even scary but good job keep your work up

  2. That blood story is awesome keep the good work up :):)