Wednesday, September 2, 2015

blog post week;9

thank you for harping me keeping track on my work you are really heaping. me with my work but sometimes you are not but you get. me on the work getting the work damn getting the task completion. them but sometimes .but when it gets out of  hand but when you get  but same hap me get my leaning task all completion. most of my task.                  

blood story

One day we start  to leave school to go to camp Riverbed and we were so ready to go I was getting ready to go to camp. I was so excited there was a pool it was deep then it came to night time when I was making dinner. When I was going to put the plates into the kitchen I fell onto  a big pess of metal. My leg was pouring with blood I didn't want to look at  it.  I got up and went to my perint and I leaned on the wall and my friend Jack Greville looked at my kneecap and he saw so much blood on my kneecap. He went to tell Oscar Jackson’s dad. I couldn’t feel my knee I went to go sit on the chair my whole knee was covered in blood I went to my cabin my knee was in pain so was I went back and then I fell over a rock and landed on my face I got a bleeding nose. I went back to my chair and Roise’s mum came to help me.  She put on a little bandage on my knee and it felt a little better.  I managed to stay the rest of the time at camp. I now have a cool scar on my knee.                                


When we got to start are art we had to get 1 piece of white of paper and then get some scissors and then get same colors blue ore green and then get a gulestick and cut the blue ore green piece of paper and then glue and then draw what every you wont  and then you are finish it is a really good piece of art and then you can make alot of art.                                

week 10 blog post

Choose ONE of the following writing tasks
Writing Purpose: To entertain the reader
WALT show our writing skills
What counts (Success Criteria for all writing choices)
  • structure our writing with a beginning, middle and end
  • best possible words
  • makes sense
  • different sentence starters
  • paragraphs (especially important for beginning 

The Hero!  
One day there was a classroom. The classroom was a hub and the hub was called Rimu hub. There was a boy called the hero, he saved everyone in the world. He had a pet cow it was Magical and it was good, but when the bad guys came to get him it wasn't so good. In fact he was bad. But he had to sprint away from him. It was so good to be a superhero. But sometimes when he gets really angry he wins the fight. It is good but when he doses not
celebrate it is so bad.

sonic blog post

I got this game 3 years and it was so so so cool and I played It on the wii  !!!!!


We are learning about Stan Walker

we have been learning about Stan Walker we saouds  so cool we are on the  3 one  it looks so cool and sad at the sametime

Jeff Thomson

IMG_0886.JPGthis is a Jeff Thomson keywords.

Jeff Thomson is a NZ artist that trails around NZ. at Auckland there was a big animal when you walk to it. it will look real he makes animals he made a bog that look,t real so real.

Stan walker report

  1.  Stan walker is a singer and he has been Alive for 24 years old and he he been making songs for 24 years
  2. when it was his first on stage he got stage fright but he singed his best and then it tornd around and he has was famous. 
  3. he has been making people happy and it is really  really good Stan walker and he has been doing a lot of people proud geep  it up Stan walker 
  4. Stan when he was 15 he guoss to church
  5. and Stan you are a great singer I love your singing vocie it is so so!!!! good Stan you are the best song writer I have meet