Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Holiday blog post

  • \when my dad crashed in a truck in the holidays

I ran and ran to the hospital like the speed of light. My dad was in pain and I felt scared and frightened. “ bring in my friend Dion in “ he said with a growl. "And bring in my son Kayden please. I want to see him please."
I was going to cry but I didn’t .I was trying to be brave when my dad got out of the hospital it took 12 weeks to get out.then we went straight to wellington I was so happy my dad got out we went down the big slide it was so hi I thought I was going to die but it was so so so so cool going down that slide. I was going to ask my dad to go there every day if he has a lot of money but we had to get some dinner.
I loved what he got me for my birthday, I loved it to death” 
I want to go back to that big slide.