Monday, May 2, 2016

Iproud post

My Best Learning


Mark Taylor
234 Havelock Road

Dear Mark

Thank you for coming to camp and getting a smile on my face. It was fun making pudding- my orange was perfect. Zane said you were cheeky and silly. That is kind of mean but it was funny. When we were going to Onekawa pools and he said we were lost, I got scared for 5 seconds. It was fun! I thought that you were funny and silly but not in a mean way. You were talking to Zane and getting cheeky to Oscar and Liam Hunter and me, Kayden.        

The s’mores were so nice. Me and Jordan went to bed. I was too tired to stay up any longer. My orange was shaped like a muffin. I did not eat it but I think someone ate it all for themselves. Who ever ate it should have given some to someone who wanted some. And the toasted sandwich was nice too.

Yours sincerely

This is my… Camp letter

I am proud of this because… I have finally got it finished and got to add my friend Lam Hunter

My biggest challenge was… to say everything I could remember.

This is my best lerning task so far it was fun making a iproud


  1. that is a awesome iproud blog kayden

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  3. keep up the great work Kayden and happy birthday

  4. good work and keep the learning kayden great :)