Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Dear Littles and Jason             
As I am writing this to you I would like to say I have been  shoot  a lot of times but I am all right. My best friend was injured he broke his neck and I felt sorry for him that it happened. That was my only friend. I have shoot same bad men and a lot of men have died but we  have to win this. It is raining in the trench and it is too wet. There's a lot of mud, I am shocking wet. I am not dry. I wish I was back home but I have to fight for New Zealand.
I have broken some of my bones but I am all right but same of  men  have got hurt but some of the are all right. What is that sound it is a permissible run. We're all going to die they is a sachanoch he has a lot of aram run we ar sharad what are we going to do chef we are going to just run ok you whord him run ar you going to die no go go go there's no stopping we are so dead run  i i'm going to my bed bang i can't hear i can't get out of my bed i am stack get me out we gant they are shooting you have to find your one way out we have to stay in they for the day 10 mimist i eat cold mimech that kind of stuff I can hear the men falling on to the grand it is so sad yes I got out ak407 it is the best gun I am back yes it is good to be back

Friday, May 8, 2015

menu \

i am writing this because it is the best work i have done in a long time i like this because my is geting they

mune it taste good you would love it

hi my name is kayden and wakim to my cafe my cafe is called billy goat cafe it is the best in the whole world it is so good enjoy`it
drinks   5$     
coke fizz
Entree     10$
spaghetti bolognese
kids meal hot dogs burcis with a met tomate ladies
hot chilly
family meal
hot dogs
tacos with bbq sauce
nachos with chips they ar chill  
lettuce with tomato and corn
bothdaycakes strobes

banana ice cream
chocolate ice cream
cake any flavor
crey with ice cream banana

thank you for coming hope that you like it was amazing having you here